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Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach, Busan #MarinaTravels

I have been fascinated by the great ocean since as long as I could remember. I used to dream about being a mermaid and swim across the seven seas, finding lost treasures and befriend with all sorts of amazing creatures under the sea. Well, A child can dream.

I reckon it is the vastness of the ocean that makes our imagination run wild. Not even the world's most successful sailors or the greatest conqueror in history has ever been able to venture to the farthest sea. It left us wondering, guessing and thinking what is at the end of the sea horizon. How deep does the ocean go? What might we discover in the deep blue sea?
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Interview With Eva Fydrych of FashionStudioMagazine

Toronto based digital influencer and blogger Eva Fydrych, also the founder of Fashion Studio Magazine - an online fashion, travel and lifestyle magazine, is no stranger to the international fashion scene. Long before she decided to turn her fashion knowledge and style perspective into a popular blog, she was working as a model and traveling the world. I was able to catch up with the influencer this November at Taipei In Style, an annual fashion event in Taipei, Taiwan and did a little interview with Eva and get to know more about her knowledge in fashion, trends, and fascinating travel destinations.

VintageLand. Episode Two - Shadows of the Night

With just the right music, or a certain song can easily stir up one's emotions in ways you couldn't begin to describe. Just as a melody can effortlessly pull out an old memory that we've long forgotten about. Today's post is going to be all about how music could influence a person's mind, body, and soul.

Daegu, South Korea 대구 #MarinaTravels

After 2 and a half hour flight, I landed at Gimhae International Airport in Busan Korea. Before I even knew it, I found myself in the city center of  Seomyeon being bombarded by blinding Korean shop signs, uproarious Kpop music, and its vibrant, exciting nightlife. However today I want to talk about something quite different. Something other than just the hip and modern Korean city life. I had the amazing opportunity to visit Daegu, a city in North Gyeongsang Province. It is while I was there I had the fortune of spending an afternoon in Apsan Park (대구앞산공원), one of the most breathtaking and beautiful wilderness park I've visited in my life.

The fastest and most convenient way to get to the City of Daegu from Busan is by taking the Korea Train Express (KTX). You could either book your tickets online or buy them at the counter. If the ticket line gets too long and you're in a rush, they also have automatic ticket machines where you can purchase your tickets using a credit card.…

VintageLand. Episode One - The Untold Stories. #StyledByMarina

My love for vintage things goes beyond just clothes and shoes. "Vintage" is a way of living, a unique lifestyle. One can simply appreciate the fashion term "vintage", "old-school" or "retro", but really the term goes further than just material things, clothing style, and taste.

Thrift shopping is a treat for us vintage lovers. The experience is almost like when you were a child and used to play treasure hunt in the field. You never knew what surprises you were going to find. It is the same while in a thrift shop. Whether it be an old suede jacket with fringe on its sleeve, a torn mom jeans, a cozy wool sweater or a one-of-a-kind, beautifully patterned blouse. What kind of stories hid behind these used clothes? Who were the previous owners of these clothing? When you purchase a vintage garment, It is almost as if you are making connections with the previous owner. You are retrieving a piece of lost and forgotten memories. You cross path with som…

Gamcheon Culture Village 부산 감천문화마을, South Korea #MarinaTravels

Surprise! I'm in the last place all my family and friends would expect me to go, Busan, South Korea. You know sometimes you just feel like you need a relaxing and hassle-free get-away from all your daily routines and work life. That's exactly what I did. As I usually travel quite far, I'm talking about 19 or even 20-hour flight far. But this time, I ain't got the time and money, lol. Since South Korea is merely a 2.5-hour flight away from me, I took the chance and went to Busan with my friend.

Gamcheon Culture Village is a bright, eccentric place famous for its countless amount of colorful houses sitting on a foothill of a coastal mountain. Dubbed the Machu Picchu of Busan, Lego Village, and Korea's Santorini, just to name a few. It is fair to say that Gamcheon Culture Village is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist sights, I had to wake up early for this one. Fear not, if you arrive at the village around 9am or generally in the morning, which I did, yo…

Love. #StyledByMarina

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.” – Mark Twain

Greetings, beautiful readers. First off, I'd like to express how intrigued and amazed by all of your lovely and inspirational comments on my last post - The Art of Solitude. I'm ever so grateful to everyone that shared their insightful thoughts, opinions and personal experience on my articles.

So today,  I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about the importance of love, more specifically, self-love. The ability to accept and love yourself for who you are.

We fall fiercely in love and pour our hearts out.
We do some much for others approval and affection,
we sometimes let their judgments define us.
We invest so much in other people, but rarely in ourselves.
We long companionships and seek the sense of security in others.

But for what?
Have we ever stopped and taken care of ourselves along the way?

The Art of Solitude. #StyledByMarina

"The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind." - Albert Einstein.
What is your take on being alone?
Some value and enjoy the time spent being in their own company,
Others fear the sheer idea of solitude and loneliness.

I am the kind of person that cherish my alone time.
No matter if it's a casual Sunday afternoon stroll down my favorite little alley downtown,
A peaceful, sunshine October morning spent at a local coffee shop with my go-to order - a strong cup of hot Americano,
A lazy day-off in bed mindlessly watching whatever TV shows they have to offer on Netflix.
Or it is times like right now, sitting in my office writing a blog post with nothing else on my mind.
I find these moments so important yet so easily ignored by us.

Autumn/Winter Wishlist 2017 ft. #StyledByMarina

As Halloween and winter approaching, I am certainly on the lookout for good outerwear and clothing for the upcoming winter season. This time I really dug deep and found out the online store Gamiss has got some stylish winter clothing items from trench coats, jackets, sweaters to accessories and bags, you name it, they've got it. They also have an amazing collection of party costumes and home-decor for the festive season which blew my mind.

Naturally, I then decided to put together a wishlist featuring several of my favorite clothing pieces from the Gamiss website, hope you guys enjoy!

➧Your Go-To Signature Coat is Everything!

Long Sleeve Turn Down Collar Peacoat - Brick-red

Stripes. #StyledByMarina

Stripes clothing has always been one of the most versatile and go-to looks in fashion. It's incorporated in almost all of our daily wear from casual to formal. And let's be honest, stripe fashion trend is never really ever out of style. You can almost see striped clothing items being re-designed and worn in every season. That being said, it's another timeless piece to keep in your wardrobe. Today I thought I would pop on here and quickly talk about how I would wear and style striped clothing.

Zaful Autumn Wishlist 2017 #StyledByMarina

Hey gorgeous readers. Since it's officially Autumn, it's about time to clear out our wardrobe and make room for the sweater-weather season. I've discovered that Zaful has come up with some pretty awesome deals and trendy autumn/winter clothing collections. Naturally, after looking at the Zaful website for hours, I decided to put up a little wishlist for you guys. This list will mostly show some stylish pieces I love from Zaful as well as some of the key fashion trends you should definitely try out this season!

So without any further ado, that's jump right into my wishlist! ➨ Floral Prints Ain't Just for Spring and Summer!

- Maxi Floral Print Shirt Dress - M

Portobello Road Market. #MarinaTravels

It has been almost 5 months since I left the enchantingly beautiful city of London. But until now, I still feel like I left my heart in Notting Hill and it remains there to this day. The bright and colorful townhouses and the crowded 7-day market consists of food vendors, antique dealers, bookstores and other eccentric shops. Today I will be focusing on the general introduction to Portobello Road Market, one of the most famous markets in all of London. I hope you find this post helpful and even if you are not currently planning a trip to London, I still hope you can enjoy this post and who knows? Maybe by the end of reading this blog, you will find yourself wanting to book a flight to the amazing city that is London.

Whether you've heard of Portobello Road from those who had visited the place before, or you recognized this place from seeing it in the movie Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant ( how can you not?), or you are planning a trip to the UK and are looking u…